Mario Carballo Zama

Info & Contact

Director - Farda (01/2020 - 04/2020)

Small indie game studio based in Mexico City

Lead Front End Developer - Aleph (2018 - 2020)

Worked as lead front end developer on, a collaborative platform for Mexican enterprises for preventing, security risk. It has the biggest private security database, and my job was to develop the tools to allow Security Analyst to find valuable and actionable information.

Game programmer - HyperBeard Games (2014 - 2017)

HyperBeard games started as a two person company in Mexico City, I was the third member to join the team, and we took it from a garage studio to one of the most successful game studios in Mexico, working on titles with over +10M downloads. I was involved as a game programmer and Game Designer for all the following projects.

Producer and host - Detrás del Pixel (2017 - present) is a podcast about the Game development scene in Spanish, currently 34+ episodes have been released, where I talk with people from all over the world and about the different parts that involves the Game Development industry and what happens behind it.

Contract work (2012 - present)

I have worked as a full stack web developer and sysadmin on different contract and personal projects, some listed below.

Educator - Cocos School Mexico (2018 - present)

Teacher at the University Cocos School in Mexico City

  • Programming I
  • Web programming
  • Pico 8 workshop


  • B.A. in Digital Animation at Universidad Panamericana.
  • Minor in Project Administration at U.P.

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