Night walk

2016-10-27 | 2018-03-09

I'm telling you this because I need to, I'm also using big titles to split the content and make it easier for you to understand, by you, I mean me, because this is mostly for me but at the same time it isn't, you can look at them as chapters although they aren't and you can see this is a story although it isn't.


I don't have a lot of reasons to write this unless we count how I've been feeling, which is weird and is not easy to explain and maybe that's the main reason I'm doing this. To get at the bottom of my problems I often have this problem and the process looks as when you start to scramble eggs on a plate, they start as a separated yolk each one like a bright sun pointing at me, the thing is, I don't recognize them so I need to mix them, so I scramble with strength all these things that may be the reasons behind my weirdness.

I should begin with describing my weirdness, I don't mean it like a funny or cute kind of thing that makes you interesting, I mean it like I feel different, not a hundred percent comfortable with myself and it may be because of Friendship


This is a really important part of my life, or at least that is what I want to believe, ant here is where the problems start, I'm not sure why this is so important for my or why it isn't working for me, I have a lot of great friends and it may be totally my fault when I don't feel attracted to the idea of spending time with them. I often think I want to have company to do a certain thing and when I'm actually there I just want to be alone, this could be because of the company or just because I don't feel quite well lately