First week @ Stugan [en]

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I arrived at Stockholm, Sweden, on july 22 during the “Mid Summer” celebration, a celebration as important as Christmas, the city was a ghost town and meatball restaurants were closed.

The hostels were full of alone travelers ready to find lonely travelers ready to share their culture and meet new people. That's a little round up of what I did my first three days on Sweden while I waited for Stugan to begin.



We were arranged on different cabins, teams with two or more people were together and individuals like me on random pairs. I got the good luck to be paired with Sos, a crazy scientist from Poland, a pretty cool dude; we had our first adventure grabbing some bikes and going to a place where we could swim on the lake to the island.


The cabins are impressive, they have a lot of space and natural light everywhere, a big shower and a sauna on each cabin.



Our first task was getting ready for a press conference with local media. It helped me to get on the mindset of my new game and put faces on all of Stugan's 17 projects.

I quickly realized how much I will learn to work side by side with these guys.



I started working on the general structure of my game, I like to have a full cycle, which lets me iterate fast on the main mechanic.

Even though I want to achieve a game with a simple, interesting and fun mechanic, there are a lot of important elements I plan to have, so that everything feels tighter.



I also had the opportunity to play Dandara for like two hours, an awesome game with really tight controls and interesting world, you should check it out.


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