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Today I almost didn't wrote anything, it's the third day & I almost din't write, it's hard to maintain a habit, a dairy is one of those, people think you'r writing a little kid thing where you talk about your fears and kid problems. Maybe is time to tell my intentions with this, honestly I just one to practice my English, I wrote a lot of things some time ago but always on my native language Spanish, I have being reading a lot on English but I was missing writing experience, so this is what it is, a small attempt to improve, only that.


Trumbo is a great movie, it made me feel something, like every good movie should, it made me feel powerless as the communist where on the cold war, it made me remember a concurrent thought I have, it pains me when someone is talking about something interesting, that thing that make them who they are, and they need to justify themselves, because someone somewhere treat them like if they where boring, meaningless or incorrect, it makes having a meaningful conversation harder that how it should be, and we don't have a lot of those.

I liked broods today.