Job hunting & bike riding

It may take you 2 minutes to read.

Today I got back on mi bike after a month and a half of being immobilized after a small knee fracture, I forgot to use Strava but I think I rode 30 km aprox, it felt good, today I got back to some other things today.

People being douches

I'm on a job hunting adventure, where I fight my way out of my country, and by that I mean I'm sending my CV via email with a pre-made cover letter and signing in on everywhere I can with my Linkdn Account. That worked for a while but now I'm out of money, mechanical keyboards are a expensive hobby and I want to buy some new key caps and a new USB cable.

What I'm trying to justify is that I started to look for a job in my country that led me to one of the worst Job interviews I have ever had, I'm 23 and the guy interviewing me tried to make me feel less for that, he couldn't. He started bragging about the company big projects, and how they had the expertise that I needed to grow, and how they need a multi-task man who does a little of everything and could work under pressure, at the end he offered me 840 USD a month, I didn't take that job.

A glove ill fitted

For the past year I worked with HyperBeard guys on Apps-O-Rama a SF based company who does apps for clients, we where there to make original ideas for the company, and started as a good opportunity to continue doing games and get paid, we worked on The Balloons for almost 6 months and the game didn't went that great so I was let go, among others. The thing is I was the only member of Hyper Beard that was fired, I mean there where a lot of reasons for that, and was nobody fault, but it doesn't stop feeling like crap.

Now KleptoCats is out, the new game by the HyperBeard guys without me and published by Apps-O-Rama, they had the idea to make a promo website where you can design your own cat, a little paint app and I was hired to do it, so after two months of not going I went to work, it felt weird somehow, not bad, only different because I know I'm not a part of the team

People being nice

If you ask about me the some things may vary depending on when they knew me some will not, some will tell you I like to play basketball, some others I like 'video stuff', the thing is on High School I was that guy that downloaded software and share it with anyone who wanted it. Today I went for a coffee with an old friend friend, to install her Adobe Photoshop, she was nice, she tried her best to make the a pleasant conversation and I think she managed to make it.