Laughing and talking

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Breakfast and Dinner

Today I saw two good friends, girl friends, I tend to get along better with women not sure why, maybe is because the fact that everyone told me that wasn't posible, I mean that's why I sleep facing up.

With one of them I went to a restaurant yo have a pizza, 5 minutes after she left, I got an email from the restaurant manager telling me I forgot my credit card, results he googled arlefreak and found my website, so he grab the email and send it to me, what a nice thing to do.

I tend to see my other friend once a month, where I try to tell her what happened to me on the last month in a funny way, today she recommended me a shaman to heal my bad luck, I don't feel like I have terrible luck, I think I have the best bad luck if that has any sense at all. Maybe I'm writing to much "I's" but this is a diary so I think it's ok.