Tokio & Love

It may take you 2 minutes to read.

This, my friends, is a love story in Tokio like many others, and how the internet changed everything.

It started in a long day of Autumn, me and three friends were walking with the intensive weight of a full day of shopping and looking to get to our Airbnb, and then, just like that, there he was, just outside Ryogoku train station, looking at us, he was dancing with a special spin but he never lost eye contact with us.

Till this day I have the feeling he knew it all along, he knew what would happen, I'm sure I was not the first, that's why he had that smile, that's why he never stopped looking at me, because he knew, I was already falling.

I approached cowardly and talked to his owner, my friends were tired and full so they kept walking, I urged him Where can I find you? he promised me they were going to return the next day at the same time at the same place, my friends told me I could come back tomorrow and get his number, we started walking away till we got to our comfy house.

That night I told this story for the first time, Antonio listened to me with interest and passion, he wanted to be there the next day, confidence flooded my body as I knew I had a friend at my side who understood it all.

The next day came, and we were a couple of hungry guys looking for the fulfillment of a promise, we were so exited we talked about it multiple times on the way home, and we were saving our energy for that moment, but when we arrived a Ryogoku at 9:00pm just like we said we would, he wasn't there, not that day or the next one, or the last day of our trip.

I returned to Mexico and I was broken, I couldn't stop thinking of him, I knew I wouldn't find anything like him, but time came, and just like time does, I started to feel better, I never forgot him but I learned to live with the emptiness in me.

Today a cruel joke happened I was browsing Reddit, when suddenly I found a nice wallpaper, I liked the wallpaper a lot so I started to look trough the comments, to find out where he got it, someone linked the Flikr account of the photographer, with a lot of pictures of Tokio in the same style, I hit the next arrow when suddenly there he was, just like the first time looking at me, I could see the same dance I once saw that made me felt in love I couldn't believe it, a rushing feeling started to fill my body, he was below a bridge just at the next block where we met the first time, there he was, the Kebab I never tried, the kebab I will always love.