Virush is a survival turn based game where you have to build defenses to defeat all the virushes and survive the quarantine.

You can play it for free at

For iOS/Android

How to play


Virush is a turn based game, so every time you move, the enemies move. keep this in mind in order to think out your strategy.

you vs enemies

Gather resources in order to build defenses that will protect you form the nasty Virush.

Build and upgrade laser turrets that will slowly pick away at the enemy. or blast them away using timed bombs. Just don't get caught in the blast.


Pay extra attention to the red Virush. These sneaky bastards stop to lay eggs and before you know it the world could be infested by them. You can crush these eggs before they hatch or better yet you can directly attack theVirush while they are laying these eggs while receiving no damage back.


Spend a resource in a hospital to restore some health. and don't forget to get some rest at the end of each day. Can you survive the quarantine? And in doing so will you find all parts of the cure?



Virush is a game made in Pico8 by Mario Carballo and Joven Paul during a couple of weeks in the month of May 2020. It mashes up elements from tower defense games and maybe a little bomber man in there. We appreciate your feedback.

-Thanks for playing